what does the heart of the sea do in minecraft

Minecraft is a world of endless possibilities, from crafting tools to building sprawling structures. Among its vast array of items, the Heart of the Sea stands out as a mystical and enigmatic object. This guide will delve into the mysteries of the Heart of the Sea, uncovering its origin, how to obtain it, and the incredible powers it bestows upon those who possess it. In this article we will discuss about the heart of the sea do in Minecraft.

what does the heart of the sea do in minecraft

What is the Heart of the Sea Do in Minecraft

As you can see in the image below, the Heart of the Sea is a real treasure and it plays a pivotal role in crafting one of the most powerful artifacts in the game – the Conduit. But let’s take a closer look at how to acquire the Heart of the Sea before we get to the Conduit itself:

Where to Find the Heart of the Sea in Minecraft

  • Begin by offering a dolphin raw cod or raw salmon. This friendly marine creature can guide you to the nearest shipwreck, ocean ruin, or even directly to buried treasure.
  • Upon discovering a treasure chest that lacks a Heart of the Sea, break it. The dolphin will then lead you to the next chest.
  • As you proceed, gather treasure maps and uncover buried treasures along the way, all in your quest for the Heart of the Sea.

Buried treasures are typically situated near beaches, although occasional discoveries below the ocean floor are possible. Unearthing these treasures usually involves a bit of underwater digging. While doing so, it’s crucial for players to monitor their air bubbles closely. Alternatively, they can utilize underwater breathing aids to prevent accidental drowning during the treasure hunt.

How to Use the Heart of the Sea in Minecraft

The Heart of the Sea has a singular purpose – to create a Conduit, which is a powerful underwater structure that grants incredible benefits to players within its radius. To create a Conduit, follow these steps:

  1. Collect Prismarine Blocks: You’ll need Prismarine blocks to construct the base of the Conduit. These blocks can be obtained by mining Prismarine or by killing Guardians.
  2. Craft a Conduit: Open your crafting table and arrange the Prismarine blocks in a 3×3 square. Place the Heart of the Sea in the center slot of the crafting grid. Once the Conduit is crafted, you can place it underwater.
  3. Activate the Conduit: To activate the Conduit, you’ll need to build a structure known as a “Conduit Pyramid” around it. This pyramid is constructed using Prismarine blocks and Sea Lanterns. Once the pyramid is complete, the Conduit will emit a powerful underwater effect.
  4. Enjoy the Benefits: The Conduit provides various benefits to players underwater, such as improved visibility, increased mining speed, and enhanced underwater movement. It also damages hostile underwater mobs within its range.

what does the heart of the sea do in minecraft

How to Make a Conduit

To summarize, here’s how you can make a Conduit:

  • Collect Prismarine blocks and Sea Lanterns.
  • Craft a Conduit using a Heart of the Sea and Prismarine blocks.
  • Build a Conduit Pyramid around the Conduit structure.
  • Activate the Conduit by placing Prismarine blocks and Sea Lanterns in a pyramid shape.
  • Enjoy the enhanced underwater abilities and mob-fighting benefits.


The Heart of the Sea might be elusive, but its potential to create a Conduit filled with remarkable powers makes it a treasure worth seeking in the world of Minecraft. With the ability to enhance underwater experiences and provide protection against underwater threats, the Heart of the Sea and the Conduit offer an enticing incentive for players to embark on oceanic adventures. So, equip yourself with knowledge, dive into the depths, and harness the heart’s power for an extraordinary underwater journey!

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