Piercing is a unique enchantment in the world of Minecraft that adds a layer of strategy and efficiency to your gameplay. 

But this will happen when you will read this article – what does piercing do in Minecraft?

Whether you are a seasoned player or a newcomer to the blocky realm, understanding what piercing does can enhance your combat skills and overall gaming experience.

So, let’s Start!

What is Piercing?

Piercing is an enchantment specifically tailored for crossbows in Minecraft. When applied, it allows arrows to pierce through multiple entities, making it a valuable addition to your ranged weaponry.

How to obtain piercing?

Knowledge about how piercing is obtained is important before learning, what piercing does in Minecraft? Piercing can be acquired through various means, such as enchanting tables, anvils, or trading with villagers. 

As with many enchantments, the higher the experience level, the greater the chance of obtaining desirable enchantments like piercing.

Piercing Levels

Piercing comes in different levels (Piercing I, Piercing II, etc.), and each level increases the number of entities an arrow can penetrate. 

With Experiment different levels can help you tailor your crossbow to suit various combat situations.

Efficiency in Combat

One of the primary advantages of piercing is its ability to hit multiple enemies with a single shot. 

This can be particularly useful in scenarios where you are facing hordes of mobs or engaging in intense battles with multiple opponents.

Strategic Applications

Piercing is not only about dealing damage but also about strategic gameplay. you can maximize the effectiveness of a single shot.

Which takes down multiple foes at once through careful positioning and timing. This enchantment is especially handy in situations where conserving ammunition and resources is crucial.

Limitations and Considerations

While piercing offers significant advantages, it’s essential to be aware of its limitations. Certain mobs, like skeletons and strays, have the ability to dodge arrows.

Which further makes piercing less effective against them. Additionally, piercing does not work with tipped arrows or spectral arrows.


Piercing in Minecraft is a game-changer for those who appreciate the intricacies of ranged combat. Payers can elevate their gameplay by understanding its mechanics and strategic applications. That conquers the pixelated world with precision and efficiency. 

So, when you join a Minecraft adventure, consider the power of piercing and let your arrows pierce through the challenges that lie ahead. It’s a short explanation of, what does piercing do in Minecraft? I hope you like it!


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