Polar bears in Minecraft are big and live in snowy places. Since the game’s 1.10 update, people are still wondering, what does Minecraft Polar bears eat? If you also have no idea, let’s find out!

Polar bears do not need to be fed, tamed, or lured in Minecraft. You can’t give them raw fish or breed them. The developers might have added them for looks or to match snowy biomes.

What Does Minecraft Polar Bears Eat When Getting dull?

If you see a polar bear getting killed, it drops 1 or 2 raw salmon or raw cod. They keep these in their ‘pockets’ and eat them when hungry. So, polar bears in Minecraft eat fish like raw salmon and raw cod. 

You can bring them home using leads. You find them in snowy places like snowy plains, slopes, ice spikes, and frozen rivers.

How To Tame Polar Bears? 

Polar Bears inhabit various biomes and catch fish where they live. You can’t tame them in the basic Minecraft edition, but with a mod, it’s possible. Use a fishing rod to tame them by offering the right fish.

Any fish works for polar bears, but they prefer raw cod or raw salmon. Gather plenty of fish and keep feeding them until hearts appear above their heads.


Do polar bears attack players in Minecraft?

Polar bears are neutral mobs and won’t attack players unless provoked. However, attacking their cubs will cause them to become hostile.

Can you ride polar bears in Minecraft?

You cannot ride polar bears in Minecraft. They do not have a rideable feature in the game.

Can you breed polar bears in Minecraft?

No, you cannot breed polar bears in Minecraft. They do not have a breeding mechanic in the game.

Do polar bears drop any special items other than fish when killed?

No, polar bears in Minecraft only drop raw salmon or raw cod when killed. They do not have any additional special drops.

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