What does loyalty Minecraft Do

The popular sandbox game Minecraft provides its players with a vast array of enchantments to enhance their tools and weapons. There is one such enchantment, Loyalty, which is particularly intriguing because of the way in which it interacts with tridents. You have come to the right place if you have ever wondered what Loyalty does and how it can improve your Minecraft experience. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the Loyalty enchantment, its mechanics, and practical applications.

What does loyalty Minecraft Do?

Loyalty Enchantment

Defining Loyalty:

Loyalty is an enchantment in Minecraft that exclusively applies to tridents. Tridents are powerful ranged weapons that can deal significant damage, but they have a limitation – they usually do not return to the player after being thrown. This is where Loyalty comes into play.

Obtaining Loyalty:

To acquire the Loyalty enchantment, you will need to spend some time at the enchantment table or an anvil. Alternatively, you can find Loyalty-enchanted tridents as loot in various structures or by trading with librarian villagers.

Trident Mechanics

Understanding Tridents:

It is important to review tridents briefly before we dive deeper into Loyalty. Tridents are versatile weapons capable of dealing both melee and ranged damage. When thrown, they can damage both mobs and players and can even be enchanted with various other enchantments to further enhance their utility.

Loyalty Levels

Loyalty comes in three different levels: Loyalty I, Loyalty II, and Loyalty III. Each level of Loyalty offers a different degree of functionality:

  1. Loyalty I: With this level, your thrown trident will return to you immediately, greatly improving your accuracy and allowing for rapid follow-up attacks.
  2. Loyalty II: Loyalty II offers a slightly extended return time, giving you more flexibility in your combat approach.
  3. Loyalty III: At the highest level, Loyalty III provides the most extended return time, allowing you to throw your trident even farther before it returns.

How to Use Loyalty

Using a Loyalty-enchanted trident is straightforward:

  1. Equip the Trident: Make sure you have the Loyalty-enchanted trident in your hotbar.
  2. Throw the Trident: Aim at your target and right-click (or the equivalent button on your platform) to throw the trident. The Loyalty enchantment will ensure that it returns to you automatically.
  3. Catch the Returning Trident: As the trident returns, position yourself to catch it when it reaches you.

Combining Loyalty with Other Enchantments

One of Minecraft’s most amazing features is the ability to combine enchantments on an item to give it even greater ability. Here are some enchantments that pair well with Loyalty on tridents:

  1. Channeling: If you’re looking to harness the power of thunderstorms, combining Loyalty with Channeling will allow you to summon lightning by throwing your trident at a mob during a storm.
  2. Impaling: This enchantment increases the damage dealt to sea creatures and wet mobs. Combining Loyalty and Impaling makes your trident a formidable underwater weapon.

Practical Applications

Now that you understand how Loyalty works, let’s explore some practical applications:

  1. Combat: Loyalty-enhanced tridents are excellent for both close-quarters and ranged combat. You can throw the trident, quickly retrieve it, and strike again, providing a steady stream of damage to your enemies.
  2. Fishing: While it may sound unusual, Loyalty tridents are quite effective for fishing. You can throw your trident into the water, and it will automatically return with the fish it catches.
  3. Exploration: When exploring underwater caves and ravines, Loyalty tridents are invaluable for dispatching underwater mobs and defending against threats.

Farming Experience with Loyalty

One lesser-known use of Loyalty in Minecraft is experience farming. You can set up a trident farm using Loyalty-enchanted tridents to efficiently gather experience points. By creating an automated system that repeatedly throws and retrieves Loyalty tridents, you can accrue experience points while AFK (Away From Keyboard).


In the vast world of Minecraft, understanding the various enchantments can significantly enhance your gameplay. Loyalty, when applied to tridents, transforms them into versatile and deadly weapons. Whether you’re exploring, fighting, fishing, or farming experience, a Loyalty-enchanted trident is a valuable addition to your inventory. So go ahead, enchant your tridents with Loyalty, and discover the thrilling possibilities this enchantment brings to your Minecraft adventures.


Let’s address some common questions and misconceptions about Loyalty:

Q: Can I use Loyalty on any weapon?

A: No, Loyalty is exclusive to tridents in Minecraft.

Q: Can I repair a Loyalty-enchanted trident?

A: Yes, you can use an anvil and experience levels to repair a Loyalty-enchanted trident.

Q: Can I combine Loyalty with other enchantments on a single trident?

A: Absolutely! Combining Loyalty with other enchantments can make your trident even more powerful.

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