If you are one of the Minecraft players, you must have an idea about those cute cats wandering around villages and swamp huts. Now, these cats come in various colors and fur styles, but the interesting part is that they all have a common favorite food. It’s interesting to learn what do cats eat in Minecraft. They all eat raw fish and raw code, whether it is a sleek black cat or a fluffy Siamese.

But why bother feeding them? Well, just like in real life, cats in Minecraft get hungry. If you want to keep your kitty as lively as ever, give them some raw fish to eat. It’s like their favorite snack that keeps them playful. Whatever, it’s time to learn how to feed them. 

Catch Some Fish

  • Make sure that you are in the Minecraft world. 
  • Go near water, like oceans or rivers.
  • Use a fishing rod to catch fish.
  • Collect the raw fish you have caught.
  • Find Your Cat
  • Locate your cat in the game.
  • Make sure you have raw fish in your hand.

Feed Your Cat

  • Now, stand close to your cat without scaring it.
  • Right-click on your cat or press the action button.
  • Watch your cat enjoy the raw fish and become your friend.

Enjoy the Benefits

The well-fed cats stick around and help you in the game. Tamed cats keep away phantoms and creepers.

More Cats

You can get more multiple cats for a bigger cat family. Just by using raw fish to make them breed and have cute kittens.


What happens if I don’t feed my Minecraft cat?

Cats in Minecraft don’t require constant feeding. However, give them well-fed food, make sure that they remain playful, and offer assistance in the game.

Can I feed my cat something other than raw fish?

No, raw fish is the preferred and only food for Minecraft cats, so offering other items won’t have the same effect.

Do different cat breeds have different food preferences?

No, all cat breeds in Minecraft share the same favorite food – raw fish.

How often should I feed my cat in Minecraft?

Feed your cat when you notice it getting hungry. There is no strict schedule, but keeping them well-fed maintains their loyalty.

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