All types of Dirt Block in Minecraft

Minecraft, often known as the SandBox game developed and programmed by Markus Perrson. This game was released on December 19, 2011.

Minecraft is a game of Blocks where you will find thousands of Blocks. A dirt block is one of the most common blocks in Minecraft. Dirt Blocks in Minecraft are used to construct tall buildings, Farms, islands, and Whatnot.

There is every type of Dirt Block in Minecraft listed ;

  • Grass Blocks
  • Normal Dirt
  • Farmland
  • Dirt path
  • Coarse Dirt
  • Rooted Dirt
  • Podzol
  • Mycelium

Grass Block

Grass Block is one of the most common blocks in this game. These blocks cover most of the land in the biomes. All grass, trees, bushes, and flowers are grown on these blocks. And the player can obtain a grass block using a shovel with silk touch enchantment. 

Normal Dirt

One of the most common blocks in the game, the player can find everywhere spot grass or stones. Normal Dirt is easily accessible temporarily building blocks. You can collect them easily using a shovel or simply tapping away with your hands. If shovel silk with touch is not used, the grass plot will convert into Dirt in your inventory. 


Farmland Blocks can only be made artificially. Throughout the Minecraft world, these blocks help you farm and harvest crops. A farmlands block is created using a hoe in regular grass or dirt block. To make the blocks to becoming fertile for farming, you will have to water them on dry days manually.

Dirt Path

These blocks are named as such because they lead you through the village path. If you ever visit a village situated in the Minecraft overworld, you will see these blocks leading through the connecting different village houses to one another. 

You can collect them by using the shovel. You can turn every dirt block into a dirt path by pressing right-click while holding out your shovel.

Coarse Dirt

This block is a mixture of Dirt and gravel on which grass can never grow on them. You can harvest them from the old-growth taiga biome, windswept savanna, and wooded badlands using a shovel. 

Rooted Dirt

Rooted Dirt is a  block found in the lush caves biome. You can get these blocks by digging down from the Azalea tree with a shovel. It can be used to grow azalea bushes and flowering azalea bushes. 


This is another kind of block that does not grow any grass. These blocks can be found in the old-growth taiga biome and bamboo forests. Podzol is the only block where mushrooms grow properly. Otherwise, harvesting them will help you develop many saplings and flowers. 


Mycelium can be found in the mushroom field biome. This block can only grow mushrooms; nothing green vegetation can be grown on these blocks. You can only gain a Mycelium dirt block by digging them with a Silk Touch enchanted shovel. If mycelium is placed amongst normal Dirt, it can spread around and convert other blocks to mycelium.

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