Are you ready to satisfy your virtual sweet tooth in Minecraft? How to make a pumpkin pie Minecraft? Crafting a pumpkin pie is not only a delightful in-game treat but also a simple process.

Let’s start reading to grab a step-by-step guide. Creating your own mouth-watering pumpkin pie in Minecraft.

Required Ingredients

Initially, you need to collect the necessary ingredients. You will need sugar, eggs, and, of course, pumpkins. Locate pumpkins in the game by exploring grassy areas or visiting villages.

Harvest Sugar Cane

Venture near bodies of water to find sugar cane. Break the sugar cane blocks to collect sugar cane – a crucial ingredient for making sugar.

Craft Sugar

Head to your crafting table and convert sugar cane into sugar. Place the sugar cane in the crafting grid to yield sugar, a key component for sweetening your pie.


Eggs are commonly found by interacting with chickens. Keep an eye out for these feathered friends as you explore your Minecraft world.


Once you have sugar, eggs, and pumpkins in your inventory, it’s time to craft. Access your crafting table and place the ingredients strategically. Arrange the sugar, eggs, and pumpkin to create a scrumptious pumpkin pie.


Your pumpkin pie will appear in the result box after once crafted it. Drag it to your inventory and relish the satisfaction of creating a delicious treat in Minecraft.

I hope that you know now, how to make a pumpkin pie Minecraft? Making a pumpkin pie in Minecraft is a straightforward process that involves gathering ingredients, crafting sugar, collecting eggs, and combining them with pumpkins.

It’s time to enjoy your culinary creativity within the pixelated world of Minecraft and treat your character to a delightful pumpkin pie experience!


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