how to make a mirror in minecraft

Mirrors could add an exciting and varied element to Minecraft, making the experience more engaging. They could help create beautiful rooms or serve as fixtures in your house; they could even used against mobs for intimidation! It’s an idea that could easily be implemented into the game. In this article we will discuss about how to make a mirror in Minecraft

How to Make a Mirror in Minecraft

Mirrors would be an incredible asset to Minecraft; they’d provide players with an easy way of viewing their houses or rooms without turning around while frightening mobs away. You would require glass and something reflective, such as another mirror or wall, to craft one. Crafting would need diamond or iron ingots; you could choose whether the reflected image was tiny, standard, or off.

how to make a mirror in minecraft

Mirror Blocks

Mirrors are decorative blocks that double as wall fixtures. You can hang one anywhere facing forward (north, northeast, east, south, and west) or diagonal up (southeast, northwest, northeast or diagonal down (west, southwest, northwest). Mirrors reflect light like glass can and create the effect of making any room seem as though it is a mirror image.

Mirror blocks can be made using wood, stone, or iron ingots and utilized on any crafting table as decorative pieces or put through a furnace to produce cobblestones.

A player who walks into a mirror will be transported into another realm with strange blocks and items, though their inventory and weapons won’t be accessible. A diamond axe may help them break apart the mirror block so they can return home; any hit to their original world by lethal damage to a mirror would only cause death within that realm itself – not in either.

Glass Blocks

Glass is an inorganic material composed of translucent blocks that can be used for windows, mirrors, and beacons. Furthermore, it can be colored using various dyes.

Glass was first proposed to Minecraft back in 2009 by Navineous on TIGSource forums and has become one of the earliest building materials used throughout houses and towers across the world.

Since the launch of Minecraft with RTX, glass in Minecraft has been upgraded to use physically-based rendering (PBR). PBR supports materials with attributes for light reflection/refraction, roughness/depth, metallicity, and roughness/depth, providing more lifelike lighting effects for gameplay and construction. NVIDIA DLSS 2.0 makes this possible using Tensor Cores from their RTX Tensor Cards; more details are available on their blog post here, and updates can be downloaded free to anyone anytime from here.


Minecraft would be even more enjoyable with some mirror in it! Having mirrors could add another aspect to the game and scare away mobs. To demonstrate, I created a room filled with mirrors in one direction only; it is not infinite, but it works just fine – we may see this feature added someday! Thanks for reading; I hope you enjoyed my article, and please leave your thoughts by leaving a comment!

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