How To Hatch Turtle Eggs in Minecraft?

Turtle eggs are the items used to find in minecraft game.There are many purposes which turtle eggs are used for such as armor, tools and food. The eggs shells are also used for making many weapons and farming scutes. Moreover, the eggs themselves are used for making food items, such as turtle soup, turtle stew and used to build structures, such as houses, walls etc. In short, we can say that turtle eggs are very important, useful and provide many resources for players.

In this article, we will talk about how to hatch turtle eggs. If you want to know then you are at the right place.

Where To Get Turtle Eggs?

Turtle eggs are found on the beaches of various ocean biomes. Following this, they can be found everywhere near the sea or beaches except cold and stone beaches.

Steps For Hatching Turtle Eggs

Following are the steps you have to know for hatching turtle eggs.

Eggs Protection

First of all, you need to protect your turtle eggs. This is an important and hard step of hatching. If any player or mob walks over the eggs then these eggs will be crushed easily. Therefore, you need to take care of this first by lighting up the area so no mob can enter this otherwise you will lose turtle eggs. Only turtles can walk over them without crushing their eggs.

Way Of Picking 

The only way to pick up eggs is with the help of Silk Touch Enchantment on a Pickaxe. With the help of this tool you can pick turtle eggs without crushing them. Otherwise, these eggs will be crushed and you got nothing. 

Eggs Crack

After finding turtle eggs you have to wait for their first crack. These eggs will crack 3 times.When the eggs crack for the first time you will hear a crack sound and see green color rays or particles. During this process you just have to wait because you can’t increase the speed of this process anyway.

Time Duration For Hatching

A lot of time is required for turtles to hatch because they take their time for hatching. These eggs take about 4-5 days in game to hatch depending on the number of eggs. More correctly, they take 2 hours in real life.

Baby Turtles

After 4-5 days when you hear the third cracking sound, baby turtles will come out from their shells. Now, the baby turtles have hatched, you should set your tick speed back to default otherwise your game will behave strangely.

Congratulations, you got baby turtles and their egg shells.


With the help of above steps you can easily hatch turtle eggs without facing any difficulty. During the hatching process you should wait for the eggs to crack and turtle babies to come out from their egg shells. After that you can use baby turtles and egg shells for many purposes such as for food, houses, walls, weapons and scutes. Moreover, this whole process will take 5 days in game.

Frequently Asked Question

Is sunlight required for turtle eggs to hatch?

No, sunlight is not required in this process. It will take its time to hatch turtle eggs.

How long does a Minecraft turtle egg take to hatch?

It will take 4-5 days in game to hatch turtle eggs in minecraft. More correctly, 2 hours in real life.

Do turtles need water to hatch in Minecraft?

No, water is not required for hatching. They only need sand or red sand to hatch.

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