How To Get Rid Of Water In Minecraft

Minecraft is a virtual game that allows its players to form a virtual world using blocks.This game uses blocks in various ways to build things and world according to your desire.

Water is sometimes a hurdle while building anything in game,to easily get rid of it follow the below given things and techniques:

Blocking Water Source:

In most of the cases water flows from a single source.This source can easily be blocked using a solid block.The Other ways to get rid of this water is the use of various things such as buckets,sponges etc formed by blocks.

Use Of Sponge At Specific Places:

A sponge is specifically used to absorb water from places such as ocean monuments.

A dry sponge can easily absorb 4 to 5 blocks of water and now that sponge becomes wet,dry it using furnace and the process of absorbing water can be repeated until the water completely disappears.

Using Buckets To Remove Water:

Use of bucket for removing water is helpful and advantageous as compared to other ways.

Form a bucket in V shape using some blocks and then start removing water.

When water is removed using bucket it can be stored and further used against some in-built creatures and lava.

Use Of Sand To Fill Water Land

Sand and gravel can be used to get rid of water by filling the area by sand.

Sand falls deep down due to gravity,although it is a time taking process but it blocks the water source effectively.

After many takes you will be able to empty a large area to use.

Immediate Removal Using Lava

If a player want to collect some stones this technique is helpful,but it’s not that much common method.

This is because when lava comes in contact with blocks of water they turn into stones.

And so then these stones can be collected by players for further use.

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