We are back with how to get black dye in Minecraft? Let’s learn the mystical world of black dye – a crucial resource that adds a touch of elegance to your creations in Minecraft.

Whether you are crafting banners, dyeing sheep, and personalising your gear. The mastering art of obtaining black dye can elevate your Minecraft experience.

Why Black Dye Matters?

Firstly, we should discuss why we use Black dye in Minecraft before learning, how to get black dye in Minecraft? Black dye is not just a colour instead it’s a statement. 

It opens up a realm of possibilities for creativity and customization. It can be said that, from ominous banners to sleek armour, having a stash of black dye at your disposal is a game-changer.

Method 1- Squid Ink Sac Expedition

The deep, and dark oceans of Minecraft harbour mysterious creatures that hold the key to obtaining black dye – squids. For getting enjoy from water adventures.

Start armed with a weapon for protection and shears to maximise your loot. Squid ink sacs are your ticket to the world of black dye.

Pro tip

Augmenting your weapon with Looting can increase the ink sac drop rate.

Method 2- Wither Rose Harvesting

Consider choosing the treacherous territory of the wither Rose for those seeking a more adventurous route. You can collect wither roses by defeating the wither boss.

Which yields black dye when crafted. Ready yourself for the challenge, gather your best gear, and prepare for a battle that rewards you with the essence of darkness.


The Wither is a formidable opponent. Prepare yourself adequately before taking on this challenge.

Method 3- The Cornflower Connection

Minecraft’s floral diversity offers another avenue to black dye. You can craft black dye by combining the deep blue beauty of cornflowers with wither roses or ink sacs. This method adds a touch of botanical finesse to your dye collection process.


Create a stunning garden with different flowers to enhance your Minecraft landscape.


Black dye is a catalyst for creativity, it is not just an item. Whether you prefer escapades in water, epic boss battles, and floral enchantment. Minecraft offers multiple paths to obtain this coveted resource. 

Experiment with different methods, share your experiences, and let the shadows of black dye weave into the tapestry of your Minecraft journey

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