How To Get a Parrot Off Your Shoulder In Minecraft

There are many mobs that live in the Minecraft world such as wolves, cats, horses, donkeys, parrots and many more. Unlike other mobs, parrots live in the biome jungle of minecraft and you can tame a parrot with the help of seeds. These seeds can be regular seeds, melon seeds, pumpkin seeds and beetroot seeds. Furthermore, parrots are beautiful and tiny mobs with different colors like gray, green, blue,red and cyan. Moreover, parrots are known for mimicking sounds, they repeat the sounds whatever they hear.

When a player tamed a parrot as a pet, it can be annoying for him to keep the parrot continuously on his shoulder. If you are annoyed by your parrot and want to get off your shoulder, so no wonder. 

In this article we will talk about how to get rid of this situation in many ways.

1- Jump From Block

The easiest way to get the parrot off your shoulder is just jump from any block. With the help of a jump you can get off the parrot. Keep this thing in mind, if the height of the block is less so you can not get off the parrot. So, you can maximize block height with the help of snow slabs layers.

2- Swim In Water

The next way to get rid of a parrot is swimming. When you jump into water, the parrot will also follow you usually by swimming. When you reach a solid block, the parrot will get off your shoulder. While swimming you can get a boat also. 

3-Go To Bed

This is also the easiest way to get rid of your parrot. You simply go to your bed or any other bed and lay down. After some time, the parrot will fly away. This is the simplest way to get off the parrot without facing any difficulty. 

4-Submerged In Lava 

Submerging in lava can be dangerous for your player and parrot. Because, due to this, your player catches fire and starts burning. Somehow, you will get off the parrot but if the parrot falls into lava it can cause death. So, we definitely don’t recommend you to follow this step because it could be dangerous.

5- Take Little Damage

This is also the easiest  way in which you hit your player with a wall, tree or get damage from any mob, fire etc. In this way you can get the parrot off from your shoulder. But this action could be risky, your player and your parrot could be injured or get hurt.

Wrapping Up 

With the help of above ways you can get parrot off from your player’s shoulder safely. Taking little damage, swimming, jumping and sleeping are the easiest ways. There are many more conditions in which a parrot leaves your shoulder such as riding a horse, jumping into lava, flying downward with an elytra and player death.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • What is the easy way to get your parrot off your shoulder?

The easy way to get a parrot off your shoulder is to jump from any block.

  • Which method could be dangerous to get off parrot?

The most dangerous way to get off parrot is going into lava. Because it can cause the death of your parrot and also burns you. 

  • Will parrots teleport to you?

Yes, when you tame a parrot it will teleport to you until you do some actions that will take it off

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