Items are super important in Minecraft. you can’t do anything without them. Imagine trying to make a pickaxe without sticks or shoot an arrow without a bow. Obviously, you can’t. 

If you want to know about how many items are in Minecraft. Well, this is the right way to learn it. It’s time to start reading!

Items Behaviour

Items can be things you place or control in Minecraft. For instance, Boats can become controllable, while beds turn into block groups. Look at your hotbar, and you will see item names above the screen. 

For the purpose of showing an item in the game, put it in a frame. If no one picks up unattended items in five minutes, they vanish.

Even underwater things go with the water. Hoppers grab items from above. Most items stack to 64, some only to 16, and some don’t stack. You can stack all items up to 127 by editing your inventory.


As we can’t specify every item individually. Therefore, they have categories by which we can identify them easily, which are following:


Categories  Items
Tools Pickaxe, Shovel, Axe
Weapons  Sword, Bow, Crossbow
Armor Helmet, Chestplate, Boots
Food Bread, Steak, Apple
Resources  Wood, Stone, Iron Ore
Building Blocks  Bricks, Planks, Cobblestone
Red Stones  Redstone Dust, Repeaters
Potions Healing Potion, Potion of Night Vision
Transportations Minecart, Boat, Saddle
Decorations  Flower Pot, Painting, Banner
Miscellaneous Clock, Compass, Name Tag
Enchantment  Sharpness, Efficiency, Unbreaking
Brewing Ingredients Netherwart, Blaze Powder, Sugar
Mobs Drops String, Bone, Ender Pearl

Keep in mind that these are simplified and limited examples, and to know how many items are in Minecraft is difficult because they can be more extensive based on game updates and modifications.

Arrange your chests like the creative inventory, one for building blocks, decorations, redstone, tools, combat, and so on. If you have many items, break them between two chests.

Place a temporary chest at your entrance for farming. Keep the important mining or building stuff within easy reach.

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