Most of the Minecraft users have curiosity to know, how does mending work in Minecraft? Players often find themselves in situations where their tools, weapons, and armour are worn down from countless adventures and battles. 

Enter the enchantment known as “Mending,” a valuable addition to your arsenal that can keep your gear in top-notch condition. Let’s read how Mending works and how you can make the most of this enchantment.

What is Mending?

Mending is an enchantment that can be applied to most tools, weapons, and armour in Minecraft. Unlike other enchantments that enhance the item’s performance directly. 

Mending takes a unique approach by repairing your gear over time as you collect experience points (XP).

How Does Mending Work in Minecraft?

When you have an item with the Mending enchantment equipped, a portion of the XP you gain from various activities. For instance, mining, fighting mobs, or even fishing, goes towards repairing that item. 

The repair process is automatic and happens in the background. It makes it a convenient way to maintain your favourite tools without constant visits to an anvil.

Prioritising Repairs

If you are carrying multiple items with the Mending enchantment, the XP you collect will be distributed evenly among them. This means that if you have a nearly broken pickaxe and a damaged chestplate.

Then, the XP will be split between the two items until they are both in good condition. Keep this in mind when juggling multiple Mending-equipped items.

Best Practices for Using Mending

Best practices for using mending in the Minecraft world is essential to understand how mending works in Minecraft? Therefore, these are following:

XP Farming

Consider setting up an XP farm to make the most of Mending. This can be a mob farm, a fishing farm, or any other method that allows you to gather XP efficiently.

Balancing Act

It’s essential to strike a balance while it’s tempting to enchant all your gear with Mending. Some items like Elytra, are often prioritised for Mending due to their rarity and usefulness.

Renewable XP Sources

Opt for activities that provide a consistent source of XP by ensuring a steady flow of repairs for your enchanted items.

Patience is Key

Mending may not offer instant repairs, but its gradual healing effect can save you valuable resources in the long run. Be patient, and let the enchantment do its work over time.

Final words

Lastly, how does mending work in Minecraft? We can say that mending is a game-changing enchantment in Minecraft. It offers a unique way to maintain your gear by harnessing the power of experience points. 

you can ensure that your tools and armour stand the test of time in the blocky world of Minecraft by understanding how Mending works and incorporating it into your gameplay strategy.

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