A Guide On Minecraft Beacon Range?

Since its inception, Minecraft has captivated players with its limitless creative potential and diverse gameplay mechanics. One of the most intriguing elements within the game is the beacon—a powerful block that bestows various beneficial effects upon players. As of the 2023 update, understanding the Minecraft beacon range and its capabilities is essential for maximizing your gameplay experience. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the intricacies of beacons, from crafting to setup and their effects, ensuring you harness their full potential.

What Is The Minecraft Beacon Range?

The Minecraft beacon has an effect range that extends up to 50 blocks from the beacon block itself. Within this range, players can enjoy the various beneficial effects bestowed by the beacon, such as Speed, Haste, Resistance, Jump Boost, Strength, and Regeneration. It’s important to strategically position the beacon at the center of your activities to ensure optimal coverage of the desired area with these effects. Beyond the 50-block radius, the beacon’s effects do not reach, emphasizing the need for careful placement to maximize its impact on gameplay.

A Guide On Minecraft Beacon Range?

Beacons in Minecraft explained

Beacons are unique blocks that emit a radiant beam of light into the sky, signifying their presence. These beams are not only visually stunning but also indicate the beacon’s active effects. Beacons are crafted using three obsidian blocks, five glass blocks, and a Nether star—an item dropped by the Wither boss. The crafting process underscores the significance of beacons as they require rare materials and mastery of the game’s mechanics.

How to make a Beacon

To craft a beacon, follow these steps:

  • Defeat the Wither: First, you’ll need to summon and defeat the Wither to obtain the Nether star. This boss battle is challenging, so gear up with the best equipment and gather your courage.
  • Gather Resources: Collect three obsidian blocks, which you can mine or create using water and lava, and five glass blocks, crafted from smelting sand.
  • Construct the Beacon: Arrange the obsidian blocks in a “V” shape, leaving the center block empty. Place the Nether star in this empty space. Then, encase the structure with the glass blocks. Voilà! You have your beacon.

How to Setup a Beacon

Placing your newly crafted beacon on a pyramid made of mineral blocks is essential for activating its powers. The pyramid’s structure determines the beacon’s range and effects. The base of the pyramid should be a minimum of 1×1, and the structure can rise to a maximum of 4 levels, totaling 164 mineral blocks.

A Guide On Minecraft Beacon Range?

Beacon’s Effects and Benefits

Beacons grant a selection of potent effects known as “Beacon Effects.” These effects include Speed, Haste, Resistance, Jump Boost, Strength, and Regeneration. The primary effect depends on the mineral blocks used to construct the pyramid, while the secondary effects are determined by the pyramid’s height.

What’s the Effect Range of Beacon

Understanding the beacon’s range is crucial for optimizing its effects. The primary and secondary effects extend to a maximum range of 50 blocks from the beacon block itself. To make the most of your beacon’s influence, position it strategically at the heart of your operations. This ensures that you and your fellow players can reap the benefits across a significant area.

A Guide On Minecraft Beacon Range?


Minecraft beacons are more than just blocks—they represent a gateway to enhanced gameplay. Through careful crafting, pyramid construction, and strategic placement, you can harness the power of beacons to elevate your gaming experience. With their effects spanning up to 50 blocks in range, these radiant marvels can transform the way you explore, build, and conquer within the pixelated realms of Minecraft’s ever-evolving universe. So, gather your resources, prepare for battles, and illuminate your path with the mesmerizing glow of beacons.

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